ZVL Auto


The company ZVL AUTO Ltd. in Prešov is gradually introducing and expanding a new production of tapered roller bearings, the foundation  dates back to 1959.

There are currently 200 employees working in the company.

Annual sales in 2022 reached EUR 19.5 million. For the year 2023, the annual turnover in the cave was determined to be EUR 21 million. We carry out over 90% of our production. We have established ourselves on such demanding markets as the German, French, American and European Union markets. The primary goal that we have set ourselves is a more expressive implementation in such a demanding branch of the economy as the automotive industry.

Our manufactured products are mainly intended for:

- for agricultural machinery – 47%

- for trucks – 32%

- as spare parts – 12%

- for machine industry – 9%



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