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Production process

Production process


Technology of tapered roller bearings is oriented to guarantee high series of produced types but allows flexibility in adjusting other types quickly as well. Company guarantees development of product and processes, production and after-production services. Production of tapered roller bearing parts is achieved by purchase of semiproducts and materials (forgings, wire, stripe) worked turning, cold – pressing, heat treatment, with subsequent grinding, honing, assembly and packing of finished bearings.

Production of bearings and their parts is organized technologically. Production process is backed up by system of bearings production management, which allows traceablity of production upon production batches without loosing identification and allows to assign to batch all relevant data (from test certificate of used material, through conditions of process to packing and expedition to specific customer).

All control activities of production process are performed by control subdivisions independent upon production (VSTUK (input control), VK (production control), KK (final control), KH (noise control)). Quality department also manages all laboratories , KMS (control and measurement center) and CKS (central calibration center).


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